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All of our animated scene stinger transitions in one place. Step up your production value with these smooth scene transitions.

What Is A Stinger Transition ?

Stinger transitions were highly popularized by DrDisrespect. He is well known for his consistently high production value.
Stinger Transitions are animations to smoothly switch streaming scenes. Rather than have a jarring change from one scene to another.
These transitions really add a professional look to streams.

Are They Absolutely Necessary ?

No. At the end of the day there is not much that is really required to get started streaming.
Although they are not a requirement they shouldn't be overlooked. Adding professional elements to your stream always increase your production value.
If you are a professional stream or want to give off that impression, then these scene transitions are the way to go.

How Use Them ?

Depending on the platform you are using the setup will differ. However the same core principle will apply.
All of our transitions are optimized to be used with every major streaming platform.
Streams often group elements in what are known as scenes. Scenes are filled with overlays, widgets and other related elements.
The most common use of scenes is between the game scene and intermission scene. Each scene has a different visual representation.
Streaming software such as OBS, Streamlabs or XSplit offer a feature to play an animation between switching scenes.
The setup will vary between the different software, so be sure to find a guide specific to the one you are using.