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All of our animated scene stinger transitions in one place. Step up your production value with these smooth scene transitions.

Free & Premium Stinger Transitions For Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming

Here at Hexeum we offer both free and premium stinger transitions to take your stream quality to new heights. With our wide variety of styles and colours you're bound to find a transition that really works for you.

What Exactly Is A Stinger Transition ?

A stinger transition is an animation that shows when a scene change takes place. Without a stinger transition the scene change can be quite abrupt and jarring for viewers. The major benefit of using these transitions is making scene transitions look a lot smoother. Stinger transitions are often used in YouTube videos, especially montage style videos. In the context of streaming, transitions are used with streamer software such as OBS or Streamlabs OBS. Once set up in your streamer software any time you change scene you will have an awesome animation to go along with it.

How To Add A Stinger Transition To OBS / Streamlabs OBS

The process of adding a stinger transition to OBS is fairly straight forward. The process is also very similar for Streamlabs OBS with some slight UI differences.

Adding Transitions To OBS

To start we will look at adding a transition to pure OBS. Once you open up OBS you will notice the bottom section is split into sections such as Scenes, Sources, Mixer and Scene Transitions. In the scene transitions section you will see a "+" icon. Click this and select the Stinger option. Name it, and a properties screen will pop up when you click OK. See shared setup to complete setup.

Adding Transitions To Streamlabs OBS

In Streamlabs OBS the lower section is divided by, Scenes, Sources and Mixer. In the scenes section you should see a settings (gear) icon. Click this, and select "Add Transition". Name it, set the type to stinger and you will see more options populated. See shared setup to complete setup.

Shared Setup

This setup is the same for both OBS and Streamlabs OBS. Click browse next to "Video File" and select your animation. Now you will need to tweak the transition point to get the perfect transition. Essentially what this property does is decide how long to wait before changing the scene. Given this you will want to set the time to be when the transition has fully covered the screen. You might need to play around with this to get it just right. The default transition point is based on milliseconds. If you would like to change this you can set it to frame. This will then base the transition point by which frame the animation is on. Either setting will work, just depends on preference.

How To Make A Stinger Transition ?

If you want to create your own stinger transition from scratch then you are going to need some motion graphics software. Our animation software of choice would be After Effects. Unfortunately After Effects is a paid tool so you would need to spend some money. On the other hand DaVinci resolve has a free version and there are even tutorials on creating transitions in it. Regardless of which software you use, we highly recommend watching YouTube tutorials on creating these transitions. Video is by far the easiest way to learn and follow along when learning how to create motion graphics. When you have the animation completed, we suggest exporting the files to webm format if possible. Transitions need to have transparency in order to work correctly. Webm files have transparency but are also small files, allowing your streaming software to run optimally.

Where To Download Free Stinger Transitions ?

You can get a free transition straight from the free section of our store. We are always looking to offer more free goodies, so if there isn't anything there at the moment that takes your fancy, then be sure to check back soon. Our most popular favourite free twitch transition is Vortex.