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Premium overlays, alerts, and animations for live streamers

Whether you are a veteran or new streamer, we have a wide selection of premium stream overlaysanimated alerts, lower thirds and stinger transitions.

We support Twitch, YouTube and Mixer.

selection of premium streaming designs
selection of free streaming designs

Free stinger transitions, alerts, and twitch overlays for live streamers.

We have a selection of free resources for streamers, from free stinger transitions, twitch templates, and stream overlays.

These designs are built for OBS (Open Broadcaster Service) and Streamlabs, so are suitable for different streamer platforms such as Twitch, Mixer or YouTube.




Why Do I Need Stream Designs ?

If you have just got into the streaming world or planning to. You would have noticed that a large majority of streams have stream overlays and designs.

Stream designs can include anything from webcam overlays, intermission screen, and offline banners.

While none of these things are a requirement or barrier to streaming. They offer a really professional and refined look to a stream. 

Additionally they can help separate different pieces of information, such as viewer count, subscriber count. 

They also help elements stand out that may not be immediately apparent. Perfect example of this is a facecam.


How Do I Setup The Packages ?

For all of the common elements such as webcam overlays and screens, you should be able to find extensive tutorials all over the web.

Any of our more custom products such as alert box’s or lower thirds in Streamlabs. We provide a detailed tutorial to take you step by step in getting set up.

Are Source Files Included ?

As a general rule of thumb the majority of our products do come with source files included.

However you should check the details of each product. They will detail whether or not source files are included. Additionally they indicate for which elements the source files are available and the file format.