top 10 premium twitch overlays

Top 10 Premium Twitch Overlays

This post is a hand picked list of our favorite premium twitch overlays from us here at Hexeum. We chose these overlays primarily based on their popularity.

We did our best to choose a variety of styles and colors for the best chance of finding one that you love.

All of the packages featured are premium twitch overlays which means that they are not free. If you are looking for a free overlay then check out our Bounty package.

Full details of what is included in each package can be found on each of the product pages. In general every package includes stream screen such as “Stream Starting Soon”, “Stream Ending Soon”. Additionally packages will come with other important elements like, webcam, twitch panels, channel art and top overlay.

Our packages also feature an extensive list of Streamlabs widgets including, chat box, event list, alerts and donation goals.

Now that you know what to expect from our packages, lets get straight into our list.

1. Mallow

cute twitch overlay

Mallow is by far our most popular premium Twitch overlay. This cute pink overlay has proven to be quite popular ever since being released.

If you are into the color pink and all things cute then this is a perfect overlay for you to get your hands on.

Mallow is a fully animated stream package which can be found here.

You can also purchase individual elements for this package if you need : Webcam, Stream Screens

2. Kevlar

minimalist twitch overlay

Kevlar is one our personal favorite overlays. If your stream is focused on FPS games or action games in general then this overlay is a perfect choice.

The gold colors really pop against the darker background, and the hexagon style adds a bit of a futuristic element to the overlay.

The package is fully animated and can be found here.

3. Legacy

cyan twitch overlay

Legacy is another super clean cyan themed overlay package. The bright cyan colors really pop against the darker background.

Again this overlay is perfect for FPS or action focused games and streamers.

This is a fully animated package that can be found here.

4. Horizon

pixel twitch overlay

Horizon has a cute pixel theme. Additionally it is fully animated.

If you are a fan of retro video games or just like cute things in general then this package is right up your street.

We have noticed how popular our retro pixel themed packages are, so we will continue to focus on creating more cute nostalgic designs in the future.

The full package can be found here.

5. Lightspeed

space twitch overlay

Lightspeed is a multicolored space themed, fully animated streaming overlay package.

With all of the different colors popping in this overlay, this is definitely one of our most vibrant packages.

The full premium package can be found here.

6. Outrun

synthwave twitch overlay

There’s definitely a theme here when it comes to retro designs and popularity.

Outrun is our favorite Retrowave themed overlay package. If you love 80’s nostalgic vibes then this overlay is perfect for you.

As with most of our packages, you will also get matching retro webcam, alerts, Twitch panels, chat box, event list and more.

The full package and details can be found here.

7. Duality

black and white twitch overlay

If you want to make an impact, then this minimalist overlay package Duality is the way to go.

Duality is a black and white clean, fully animated streaming overlay package. The full package can be found here.

8. Stellar

purple and blue twitch overlay

With particle themed twitch overlay packages growing in popularity it’s no surprise that Stellar is favorite among you guys.

Stellar is a purple and blue particle themed fully animated streaming overlay package.

The full package can be found here.

9. Kitty

cat twitch overlay

Kitty is a cute cat themed, fully animated streaming overlay package. Can be found here.

This package was designed specifically for those of you who all things cats and pink.

10. Galactic

Galactic is a vibrant space themed, fully animated streaming overlay package. The full package can be found here.

If you love all things space themed then this package is for you.


So there you have it. Our handpicked list of premium Twitch overlays. Hopefully we have shown a good variety of overlays and you find one that suits you and your brand.

If this post doesn’t have any overlays that take your fancy then check out our ultimate twitch overlay collection.