6+ Retro Themed Twitch Overlay Packages

Utilizing a retro twitch overlay was popularized by one of biggest streamers, DrDisrespect. He was one of the first streamers to showcase high levels of production quality.

The 80’s niche has a huge fan base whether it’s expressed through music art of video games. If you have previously seen a retro twitch overlay on a stream, you will have noticed they tend to have glowing elements.

Neon styled elements are very popular in these types of overlays along with chrome styled text and vintage grid graphics.

We have put together our favorite selection of overlays that really give off a vintage feel. Whether it’s 80’s vintage overlays or a retro game themed twitch overlay, we have something for everyone.

1. Horizon

pixel twitch overlay

Horizon is a vintage twitch overlay, with a cute pixel theme. If you are a fan of retro game genre then this twitch overlay is a perfect choice for you and your stream.

2. Outrun

synthwave twitch overlay

Outrun is our most popular retro twitch overlay. The whole package has a matching theme, including the alerts, webcam and channel art.

If you want an all in one vintage design, this package has everything that you could need.

3. Drive

retrowave twitch overlay

Drive is a pink retro city themed, fully animated streaming overlay package. This package was designed to capture the feeling of driving through a city at while blasting synthwave bangers.

4. Astra

astra stream screens

Astra is a vintage hacker themed overlay package.

5. Midnight

retro twitch overlay

Midnight is a retro 80’s themed overlay package.

If you are a fan synthwave and 80’s then this overlay is definitely worth checking out.

6. Relic

pixel twitch overlay

Relic is a retro game twitch overlay package. If you love to play vintage games or even modern games with pixel art then this package is perfect for you.

7. Summit

twitch pixel overlay

Summit is another cute retro gaming themed twitch overlay that we have available.


So there you have it. A complete list of all our favorite cute twitch overlays. If you didn’t see any overlays that you liked then be sure to check back as the list is always growing.

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