Incredible Free Animated Streaming Overlay Collection

If you have been looking for a free animated stream overlay to spruce up your live stream then look no further. We have a wide range of free products available for you to choose from. This post features, animated twitch overlay’s, twitch transition’s, Streamlabs widgets and twitch panels.

We are always adding more free overlays to our store, so if you don’t see anything that takes your fancy, then check back another time and we might have exactly what you are looking for.

Free Animated Streaming Overlay’s

Bounty Free Streaming Package

Bounty was one of the first free twitch template packages that we released. Although this package is not animated, it still offers a very sleek and modern look and is perfect for those still getting to grips with their stream. This package includes all of the stream screens shown above. Additionally you get free twitch panels and the PSD source files so that you can customize the text if you have photoshop.

Finally you will get a free webcam overlay in both most popular sizes, 4:3 and 16:9. It is a fully transparent png so it’s compatible with major streaming software such as Streamlabs obs, OBS and xsplit.

Incision Free Animated Stream Overlays

Incision is our most full featured free animated streaming package available. The package has a modern mint green theme and comes with a one click install for Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) users.

The package includes all of the essential stream screen overlays. In addition to this you will get a huge selection of free Streamlabs widgets, including dono goal, stream alerts, event list and chat box overlay.

All of the widgets can be installed and setup within 5 minutes, as we offer quick install links and a set up guide within the package.

For Twitch streamers we have also included channel art and twitch panels along with the PSD source files. This means if you have photoshop you can customize the files to suit your needs.

Free OBS Transitions

Vortex Free OBS Transition

Vortex is a free OBS transition for streaming. These free animated stream overlays are used to smoothly changes scenes within your streaming software. Setting up scene transitions can be a bit tricky the first time round. If you encounter any issues setting up your transition then refer to our guide.

Incision Free Animated Stream Transition Overlay

Incision transition is available to download alone or as part of the Incision free animated stream overlay. This transition is a modern mint green themed animation. A perfect style for fps gamers or action games in general.

Free Streamlabs Widgets

Incision Widget Package

Incision Widgets are a full set of free widgets to be used with Streamlabs. Part of the Incision stream package they have a mint green modern theme. The package comes with quick set up links so you can have the widgets set up within minutes.

If you encounter any issue whilst trying to setup the package, be sure to check out our guide here.

High Tek Alerts

This free alerts package has a selection of futuristic animated alerts which are also customizable.

Valorant Lower Thirds

These one of a kind lower thirds utilize the sponsor banner widget within Streamlabs. The function of this widget is to allow you to show your social handles on stream. This free animated stream overlay greatly increases your chances of getting follows on other social media.

Warzone Lower Thirds

Similar to the above lower thirds product, this free overlay has a unique style originally designed to be used with call of duty warzone.

Twitch Panels

Bounty Panels

These sleek blue free channel panels are perfect for twitch streamers. The package comes with the source files so if you have photoshop you can edit the panels and create any new panels to suit your needs.

Incision Panels

Set of mint green themed free buttons pack. Source files are included for customization.

Free Facecam Borders

Bounty Webcam

This webcam package comes with two sizes to suit your own preferences. Both 4:3 and 16:9 webcams are included in this package.

Incision Webcam

This is a free animated webcam stream overlay. With a refreshing mint green theme, this webcam works well with fps and action games.


Whether you are looking for full free animated stream overlay packages, or just a couple of different elements to test out on your stream you will hopefully have found something that you like. Having said this, if there is nothing here at the moment that suits your needs then be sure to check back often as we are always adding new products when possible.