6+ Amazingly Cute Twitch Overlays

We wanted to put together a list of all our favorite cute twitch overlays. We have also included links directly to each of the packages product page.

It’s best to fully check out the details of each product on their pages to be sure of everything that will be included in the package. However in general you can expect our packages to contain, stream screens, Streamlabs widgets, webcam, top overlay and channel art.

1. Mallow

cute twitch overlay

Mallow has proved itself to be the most popular out of all our cute twitch overlays. This pink theme comes with all the bells and whistles including matching Streamlabs widgets such as, event list, chat box, alert box and goals.

If you are into the color pink and all things cute then this is a perfect overlay for you to get your hands on.

Mallow is a fully animated stream package which can be found here.

You can also purchase individual elements for this package if you need : Webcam, Stream Screens, alerts

2. Horizon

pixel twitch overlay

Horizon is a fully animated cute pixel themed twitch overlay. Whether you are a fan of cute designs or retro designs this is a must have package.

After noticing the popularity of these retro themed packages, we would love to continue to create similar designs to these in the future to give you more of a selection.

The full package can be found here.

3. Kitty

cat twitch overlay

Kitty is another favorite among streamers. If you like the color pink and all things cat related then this package is a perfect choice for your stream.

In addition to this, the package also comes with matching alerts, event list, chat box and goals. All of these elements combined really complete the theme.

4. Lucid

fantasy twitch overlay

Lucid is a vivid and colorful stream package. This package is perfect if you are looking for a cute twitch overlay that will really captures viewers attention.

This package also comes with matching Streamlabs widgets to really pull all the elements together.

5. Coral

underwater twitch overlay

Coral is an cute underwater themed streaming overlay. If you love underwater themes or vibrant colors then this is the perfect design for you.

The full package can be found here.

6. Plume

Pink twitch overlay

Plume is a fluffy pink animated streaming package.

This pink fluffy overlay is part of a fully animated stream package found here.

7. Blossom

japanese cherry blossom twitch overlay

Blossom is a super clean Japanese cherry blossom themed overlay. This package is perfect for those of you who are looking for a simple and effective overlay for your stream.

Blossom also includes matching widgets to pull all the elements together.

You can also get the blossom transition directly if you need.


So there you have it. A complete list of all our favorite cute twitch overlays. If you didn’t see any overlays that you liked then be sure to check back as the list is always growing.

If you would like too see a complete list of all our overlays check out our ultimate twitch overlay collection.