What Is a Twitch Overlay ?

Even if you are a new streamer you have probably heard about Twitch overlays. These overlays are a set of graphics used by a streamer to help reinforce their brand or even display information.

Although these layouts were first used on Twitch, they have become so popular that you will also see them being used on other streaming platforms.

These overlay packages usually consist of static images, animations and widgets displayed using streamer software.

How To Add Your Overlays To Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming ?

In order to add your overlays to a livestream you will first need streamer software such as OBS or Streamlabs. When setting up these overlays you will configure them with streamer software rather than directly through your streaming platform.

The most popular streaming software is OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) or Streamlabs OBS or XSplit. This software allows you to combine lots of different sources into one output.

This software allows you to display, webcam feeds, game play, images, animations and even web pages.

All of our packages come with a quick install file for Streamlabs OBS. This means with one click you can have all of your scenes and sources ready to go. However if you are using OBS then you would have to do a lot more manual work to get the overlays set up. Luckily we provide a full guide to help you.



Do I Need A Twitch Overlay Layout ?

In a nutshell, yes. While having a stream overlay is not a barrier to start streaming they are pretty much the standard among streamers now. Overlay packages are a great way to quickly and cheaply add production value to your channel.

These overlays are so popular because they help create engagement and brand reinforcement with your audience. They can be used to display information on to your viewers or even thank them for their participation.


How Do I Setup The Packages ?

All of our packages come with a Readme file. This file will contain all of the links to download your Streamlabs widgets and there is also a link to our detailed setup guide.

If you ever run into problems while trying to set up your products then feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we can to help 

Are Source Files Included ?

As a general rule of thumb the majority of our products do come with source files included.

However you should check the details of each product. They will detail whether or not source files are included. Additionally they indicate for which elements the source files are available and the file format.

Can I Use Twitch Overlays with Other Streaming Platforms ?

Put simply, yes. Although a better question is whether the overlays will work with your streaming software such as OBS, Streamlabs or Streamelements. Popular streaming software allow you to go live on different platforms. Therefore if the overlays work with your streaming software you can expect them to also work with other platforms.

Our designs are created to work with OBS, Streamlabs and Streamelements which are the most popular software out there. 

How Do I Edit My Twitch Overlays & Layouts ?

While our overlay templates provide a great starting point for streamers. You may be the type of streamer who really wants to put your own spin on the overlays. While there are features like colour correction available, this may not be enough for those with an eye for detail.

Most of our overlay packages come with the photoshop source files. If you have photoshop this will allow you to customize the graphics. Unfortunately we do not yet provide the After Effects source files to allow for complete customisation of the animated files.

We are working on providing these to you in the future and will also provide tutorials on how to use them.

If you are more interested in how to create a Twitch overlay from scratch then you would need to get familiar with photoshop and after effects. We recommend checking some tutorials on YouTube.


What To Expect From Our Twitch Overlays Template Packs ?

The aim of our products is to be packed with every feature and element that a streamer could need. Within our Twitch packages we include, overlays, channel art, widgets for Streamlabs and Streamelements, screens, facecam border, and alerts. We even include rapid install files for Streamlabs users.

The image below is an example of the elements included in our packs. We also have an example list of package contents on the right(Contents may differ slightly depending on the package)

Striking Twitch Overlay

Example Overlay Package:

  • 24 Channel buttons
  • Animated Screens
  • Header
  • Stream Label Container
  • Offline Banner
  • Animated top overlay
  • Stinger Transition
  • Profile Pic
  • Webcam Overlay
  • Widgets (Event List, Dono Goals, Chat box)
  • PSD files for all the static elements
  • Animated background only
  • One click Streamlabs install file
free obs twitch overlays

Where To Download Free Twitch Overlay Templates?

If you have just started out and want to test the waters with streaming or perhaps you are on a strict budget, then a free stream overlay template would be perfect to get you up and running.

Fortunately we have some free animated twitch overlays,  and even fully customisable alerts in our store. We plan to keep adding more free designs with the goal of helping streamers get started no matter their budget.

What Style Of Overlay To Use ?

Choosing the right style to fit with your personality or brand is an important decision when choosing your overlay. In general if you play a certain type of game a lot then you would be best choosing an overlay that fits with that games aesthetics.

If you have a favourite colour then you go for a package with strong use of that colour. If you have checked out our store, you would have noticed the wide range of styles that we feature. We even have style categories such as cute and minimalist overlays.