Everything you need to know about stream overlays.

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You’ve decided to jump into the wonderful world of streaming. You’ve set up your channel. Now it’s time to focus on your branding and stream’s look. That’s where stream overlays come into play.

Premium Stream Overlays

Getting the best designs for your stream is a crucial step on your streaming journey. This means choosing stream overlay packages that contain everything you need. Not to mention they should be easy to set up as well as compatible with your stream software.

Free Stream Overlays

When starting out, free stream overlays are the perfect way to get comfortable with streaming and test the waters. Even though they’re free, our overlays are easy to set up and use. They also include Photoshop layout templates. Assuming you’re familiar with Photoshop, you’ll be able to customize these designs. 

What Are Stream Overlays ?

Stream overlay is a general term to describe the graphics and animations displayed during a livestream. These graphics are a great way for streamers to reinforce their branding. As a streamer having clear and coherent branding gives you a professional appearance. Aside from simply making your stream look good, certain types of overlays will also encourage engagement from your viewers.

Branding and engagement are two factors in creating a deeper connection with your audience and community.

Types Of Stream Overlays

Overlays come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Each type of overlay has a different purpose. The overlays that you’ll use completely depend on how you stream and your personal preferences.

Stream Screens

Stream screens are informational graphics, used at different stages of a stream to let viewers know what’s happening. The most common screens are intermission, starting soon, ending and BRB.

Webcam Border

A facecam border is one of the most popular graphics used for streaming. The purpose of this overlay is to create a clear and distinguishable border around your webcam feed when streaming.


A simple background image or animation. This simple overlay gives you the freedom to create unique scenes. They’re Especially useful for running podcast’s that have multiple guests. 


stream overlay widgets

Stream widgets are a collection of advanced overlays that display events during stream. The most common widgets are chat overlay, event list & goals.


Alerts are how streamers display certain events during a stream. They’re a great way to make your stream more interactive. Alerts are commonly used when a viewer follows, subscribes, donates or sends bits.

Lower Thirds

social media social overlays

An essential overlay for connecting with your viewers on other platforms. Displaying your socials on stream is a great way to encourage your community to engage with you outside of the stream hours and platform.

Getting A Stream Overlay Package

Rather than sourcing each type of overlay individually it makes more sense to get a stream overlay package. These packages include everything you need to create a consistent stream layout along with boosting your channels interactivity and engagement. In order to help you find the best package we’ve created a checklist of things you should look for in a potential package.

What To Look For In a Stream Package ?

    • Platform Compatibility : It’s important to make sure that the package is compatible with your streaming platform. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming & Trovo all have minor differences which need to be accounted for. For example, if you’re streaming on YouTube you will need alerts for members and superchat . These alerts are unique to YouTube.
    • Software Compatibility : The package should be compatible with your chosen streaming software. Whether it’s Streamlabs, Streamelements or OBS, it’s important to make sure all parts of a stream package will work. In general if the animated files are in WebM format, they will work across all platforms. It’s usually the widgets and alerts that need to be checked for compatibility.
    • Easy Setup : Well designed packages should be easy to set up. Some packages will have quick install files for Streamlabs or Streamelements. In addition to that, having a detailed installation guide for the package is essential.
    • Optimisation : Poorly optimised files can cause your system to lag. When it comes to stream overlays the main cause of lag are the animated ones. Animated files can be huge if not formatted correctly. As a general rule of thumb, if the animated graphics are in WebM format, they’re much better optimised.
    • Customisation : What good is an overlay package if it looks the same as everyone else’s ? If tweaking your stream layout to match your branding and personality is important make sure to check what customisation options the package offers. Packages with customisation usually offer the template source files. Just make sure you have the necessary software to tweak them. 
    • Features : The price of overlay packages can vary. As tempting as a bargain can be, make sure you’re getting all the features that you want. Packages with less features tend to be cheaper.
    • Language : A lot of the overlays in a stream package contain text. If you stream in a different language then look for packages which are use your language.
    • Animated or Static : All overlays are not created equal. If you want animated overlays make sure the package you want isn’t static.