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Free & Premium Streamlabs Widgets For Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming

We offer both free and premium Streamlabs widgets to take your viewer engagement to the next level. With our wide variety of widgets available you are sure to find one that will match your personality and stream style.

What Are Streamlabs Widgets

These widgets are usually a mix of graphics either static or animated along with pieces of information intended to inform the viewer. The most popular widgets used by streamers are alert boxes, event list, donation goal and the chat box.

Alert Box

An alert box is a collection of alerts that get triggered during certain events. For example, if someone follows your stream then a follower alert will be triggered. Depending on how you have your alert box set up, you can show images, animations and text. In addition to this you can even have sounds that play during the alert event.
Each alert for different events can be completely customized. This will allow you to have a different alert show up or sound, depending on which event get's triggered.

Event List

And event list is similar to an alert box in that events during the stream trigger it to change. However an event list is a more compact way of showing events, and it can also show as an example the last five events that happened on stream.
The event list uses one design and style for all events.

Donation Goal

Although we have only mentioned donation goal, there are a bunch of other goals that can be utilized within Streamlabs. These include, follow goal, cheer goal, sub goal, supporter goal and stars goal.
The donation goal widget is a graphical element most commonly shown as some form of progress bar. When you set up your goal, you decide how many dollars you will need for the goal to be completed. Every time that you receive a donation the bar will fill up until the goal has been reached.

Chat Box

A chat box widget is used to take your streams chat and show it directly on stream. A chat box can be styled using and customised to fit the rest of your streams theme.

Why Use Streamlabs Widgets 

One of the main reasons for utilising Streamlabs widgets is that they create engagement with your viewers. Alerts are a shining example of this, as they can show the viewers name on stream. Most commonly when an alert is triggered it will show on screen and then the streamer will thank the viewer for interacting with them. By having this direct line of communication between the viewer and streamer it encourages the viewer to interact and engage more with the streamer.
In addition to creating more engaging streams, Streamlabs widgets can also show important information on screen. A chat box for example allows you to still view messages in chat whilst in full screen mode as it is overlaid directly on stream. The goal widgets also let the viewers know what you are trying to achieve, whether it's saving up for a new PC or trying to get your first 100 followers.

How To Add Streamlabs Widgets To Your Stream

There are a couple of ways to add widgets to your stream depending on which streaming software you are using. If you are using Streamlabs OBS then you simply need to add the widget source to your scene. If you are using OBS you need to utilise browser sources. Each widget have their own unique link that you can use to put into the browser source.
We have a full tutorial and guide with a section specifically on adding widgets to your stream which you can check out here.
By default Streamlabs have default settings for all of the widgets. They offer some limited customization for each widget, however most of the time you will need to utilize custom code such as css, javascript and html in order fully customize your widgets. Now if you are unfamiliar with code this may seem like a lot to learn, which is why we are proud to offer a wide range of widgets to suit every streamers needs.
With our packages we use easy install links to import widgets into your account with everything already setup and preconfigured. You simply have to import that widgets and then add them to your stream.