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All of our stream screens in one place. We offer both animated and static screens.

Packages usually include, stream starting soon screen, offline banner, intermission screen and stream ending soon screen.
Stream screens are often used at different stages of a stream. They are vital in relaying information to viewers on what is happening. For example, commonly a stream starting soon screen is used to allow viewers to pile in before the streamer begins their stream.

Stream Starting Soon

As mentioned this screen is used to ease viewers into a stream before the stream begins. This gives viewers more of an opportunity to get into a stream in time for it to start. Therefore your viewers won't miss any of your content.

Offline Banner

Offline banners are shown on a streamers channel when they are not live. The reason for using an offline banner is to connect with a viewer. These banners can convey information to potential viewers on what you have to offer. Social handles are common place on these banners too.

Intermission Screen

An intermission screen is used during a stream that has already been live for some time. They are often used between finding games. They allow the streamer to show off different elements such as a chat box or event lists.

Stream Ending Soon

A stream ending soon screen is used to avoid abruptly ending a stream. This screen allows a stream to begin to wrap up their stream. Whether they are thanking their viewers for support or addressing any questions they may have.