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Free & Premium Stream Overlays For Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming

At Hexeum our goal is to create high quality, free and premium stream overlays & layout templates that you and your viewers will love. In order to do this we create packages for many different styles and games. We want to help you find an animated stream package that really fits with your personality and style.

What Is A Stream Overlay Template ?

A stream overlay is essentially a set of graphics or animations used on a live stream, on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming. Overlays are often utilized to create more engagement and interaction with an audience. They can be used to show information on stream or represent the streamers personality or style.
For these reasons stream overlays are one the most sought after elements by streamers. Streaming overlays can either be custom made to fit specifically with your brand or premade with a certain style. If you have a big budget then we suggest considering a custom design. However you still might be able to find a premade overlay you love for a fraction of the price.

Do I Need A Stream Overlay Template ?

Essentially yes. While it won't stop you from streaming if you don't have one, however the benefits of having one cannot be ignored. The majority of streamers both small and big utilise overlays to help grow their viewership. Having a stream layout template gives you a leg up on other streamers who are not using them.
Production value is a very important concept to keep in mind during your streaming career. When viewers can see that you have spent time and money on investing in your stream it tells them that you are serious about streaming and worth investing time into.

Where To Download Free Stream Overlays ?

You can download some free stream overlays straight from our store. We have a dedicated section for free overlays and other animated stream packages. Our goal is to constantly add more free packages and graphics to our store. Therefore if there is currently nothing that takes your fancy then be sure to check back again soon, we may just have what you want.

How To Make A Stream Overlay Template ?

If you have decided you want to take things into your own hands and have full control of creating an overlay, you will need to have access to graphic design and animation software. Static designs are created in software such as photoshop and later animated in after effects.
However if you don't fancy paying to use photoshop there are some free alternatives out there such as Gimp. Photoshop is by far the superior software, however you can still make some awesome overlays in Gimp.
Once you have got your software setup you need to find some good tutorials or guides. These will give you step by step instructions on creating an overlay. We would personally recommend watching a YouTube tutorial as it is much easier to follow once you have a visual aid.
One tip is to save files as png's for files such as webcam. This file format allows you to keep the transparency values within the file thus allowing you to overlay on top of other sources.

What To Expect From Our Animated Stream Overlay Packs ?

Our goal for releasing products is to give you as a streamer as many elements as possible whilst also making the setup a breeze. To get you up and running as quick as possible we not only include the basic stream overlays but also channel art, Streamlabs widgets and alerts. To get you up and running as soon as possible we have spent significant time refining our tutorials and guides. If you run into any issues we are just an email away.
Below is an example image of what you can expect to find in our animated stream overlay packages. We also have included example list of package contents below.
purple stream Overlay template

Example Stream Layout Template Package:

  • 24 Channel buttons
  • Animated Screens
  • Header
  • Stream Label Container
  • Offline Banner
  • Animated top overlay
  • Stinger Transition
  • Profile Pic
  • Webcam Overlay
  • Streamlabs Widgets (Event List, Dono Goals, Chat box)
  • PSD files for all the static elements
  • Animated background only
  • One click Streamlabs install file