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Free Animated Overlays for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming

Looking for some free animated twitch overlays ? Our goal is to help take your stream to the next level regardless of your budget. Perhaps you have just started out and not sure if streaming is something you will take to. Having access to free twitch overlays can help get a feel for streaming.

How To Make Animated Twitch Overlays For Free ?

If you would like to have full control over your twitch overlay then you will need to get some graphic design software. The most common software for this is Photoshop. However if you are looking to do this for free then you will need free software as photoshop is premium.
The best free alternative out there is Gimp. Although not as fully featured as photoshop this software is still great, and will allow you to create some awesome free twitch overlays. Once you have installed your design software it's to start watching some tutorials.
Whilst there are written guides and tutorials we highly recommend watching YouTube tutorials to learn. It is much easier to follow along with videos and to see every step in detail.

How To Edit Our Free Twitch Overlay Packages ?

If you are interested in our free overlays and would like to customize then all you have to do is download the package. We include the PSD files with our free twitch overlay template packages. You will however need to get access to photoshop to edit the files.
Once you have installed photoshop, you simply need to open the PSD files that you wish to edit within photoshop. We recommend watching YouTube videos on photoshop to help you make the edits necessary. Once you have made any changes to the files you simply need to export them.
The png file format is the best for quality, they also retain transparency which you will need for elements like the webcam, and chat box. Once you have exported you just need to add the files to OBS, or whichever streaming software you use. Congratulations you now have transparent and customized twitch overlays for free.

Do We Offer Free Products Other Than Overlays ?

Yes. We have quite a variety of free products. This includes alerts, transitions and even lower thirds. If none of our free products appeal to you then we suggest checking back again. We make an effort to constantly add new free products when we can.

Featured Free Streaming Overlay

free animated twitch overlays This is our most popular free package check it our here.