working with a twitch designer

Working With A Twitch Designer : A Design Brief Guide

There are no shortages of premade free and premium stream packages on the internet. However if you are on the hunt for some custom made streaming designs you are going to be working with a Twitch designer.

Most streamers overlook design briefs, and can be unsure of what they are. However they are incredibly useful to all parties involved.

Most designers are very busy and have to carefully select their future clients. Offering a design brief up front will greatly help your chances in getting to collaborate with that Twitch designer.

Likewise if you are a graphic designer, having a client provide a design brief can really help iron out a lot of the details from the get go.

This guide aims to give streamers the ability to create a useful design document that they can provide to designers.

As for designers, feel free to share this guide with any potential client to help get the ball rolling.

What Is A Design Brief ?

If you are unfamiliar with design briefs , don’t worry they’re not complicated.

A design brief is a detailed document that outlines the key aspects of a design project.

Whether it’s text descriptions, color codes or reference images and videos. All are common place within a design document.

Using design briefs help bridge the gap between a streamers vision and a designers interpretation.

This greatly increases workflow and productivity for the designer. It also removes a lot of the back and forth that happens at the start of a project.

How To Create A Design Document

First things first, you will need to use a word editor that can export to PDF. Google docs is our go to tool.

Below is a simple example of a completed design brief that we used when creating the Hyper Scape package.

Feel free to copy the layout and structure. The remainder of this post will detail how to fill in each section.

Project Details

This section is to outline what you are hoping to achieve with the project.

List out all elements and designs you are looking to have made.

Simply put this section provides an overview of the work required to complete the project.

Color Palette

A color palette is a range of complementary colors used throughout designs. We have an example of a color pallette on this Hyper Scape guide.

Ideally you should pick three colors that will be used throughout the designs. A primary color and two secondary colors.

You can use this great site to help find suitable colors.

List colors by their hex code and name.

If you are unsure how to find a colors name or hex code then include a reference picture instead. Designers should be able to sample the color from these.

Design Details

The design section will usually contain the most detail out of all sections.

The goal here is to list as many details as possible regarding what elements and designs you want to include.

Use references images or videos to illustrate your points more clearly.

When using references always offer a text description that details what you like about the reference. For example, you may want to bring attention to the font used in a particular reference.

This removes any ambiguity for the designer of exactly what you are looking to achieve.

Include as much detail as you feel necessary. However keep these details concise and clear.

Animation Details

If animation is not required then simply delete this section.

This section is similar to the design section. However details here are solely focused on how animations will look.

Video references will be most effective here. If you are linking twitch vods or YouTube videos, make sure to include relevant and accurate timestamps.

Detail precisely what parts of the animation you are looking to incorporate.


You should now have everything you need to create a clear and concise design brief.

This should put you in a much better position going forward and finding a twitch designer.

Designers love it when streamers approach them with a design brief. It helps clear up initial details and solves many back and forth communication issues.

If there is anything we missed let us know at info@hexeum.net. We will update the design brief as soon as possible.