Valorant for streamers

Valorant For Streamers – Everything You Need To Know

If you are a streamer planning on playing Valorant this post will cover everything you need to know to get started. We will discuss where you can get suitable overlays and animations, overlay placement along with stream set up and Riot Games plan for Esports.

Overlays and Designs

One of the most important aspects of streaming whether its on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook or Mixer are the overlays and designs that you display on stream. Luckily there are a tonne of awesome stream designs already available for streamers.

Free Overlays and Designs

If you are a little short on cash but still want to jump into streaming this game. Look no further as there are some amazing free overlays available.

Overlay Setup

A crucial consideration when choosing your overlay designs and placement is how to avoid annoying viewers by hiding important game information. For example covering the map view or the kill feed.

Valorant Esports

Top Esports events have always pulled in huge numbers on streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube. With Valorant pulling in 1.7 million viewers shortly after launch, it’s clear this game is going to be big. If you are a competitive streamer then Valorant could be your time to shine. Pro players for top games have always pulled in high viewer counts due to their outstanding show of skill and technique. So if you have always wanted to become a competitive gamer then this game is a perfect and fresh place to start. Whalen Rozelle (Magus) from Riot Games wrote a blog post shedding some light on Riot Games plans for Esports. It details the principles they are following in order to make the game as skill based as possible. As of yet there are no official Esports announcements, understandable given how early it is. There have however been tournaments already run from third party organisations such as 100 Thieves, which gave us an exciting insight into how Valorant Esports could look.


So now that we have established

  1. Where to find some awesome streaming overlays
  2. How to setup your streaming overlays
  3. What Valorant Esports could do for your streaming career

Let us know if you are planning on streaming Valorant. If you know a friend who could use these tips, make sure to share it.