Twitch DMCA Takedown’s : How To Avoid Getting Suspended

With the increased restrictions and penalties around Twitch DMCA. Streamers using copyrighted music could face serious consequences affecting their channel.

Given this you may be curious about the available options for playing music during your stream.

After all background music can really add to the viewers experience.

What Music Can You Play On Twitch ?

The DMCA act is the copyright law that prohibits technology, devices or services from being shared without permission. This of course includes music.

Twitch has recently started cracking down more on clips and VOD’s containing copyrighted music. This includes takedown notices and the muting of VOD’s.

Failure to comply with these restrictions multiple times could result in a permanent suspension of your account.

To avoid this disaster it’s important to find a selection of DMCA compliant music.

There are a number of services out there that aim to provide DMCA-safe music for streamers.

Some examples of these services include Pretzel Rocks, Monstercat and Artlist.

Detailed info on the twitch DMCA guidelines can be found here.

DMCA-Safe Music Options

Luckily there’s a range of great services allowing streamers to play music during their livestreams.

Artlist is a royalty free music licensing platform. Offering universal license to cover any video project. Unlimited downloads and a constant flow of new music. This is one of the most popular options for Twitch streamers.

Pretzel Rocks is the first music player purpose built for livestreamers. Offering a premium subscription as low as $4.99 per month. You gain access to a huge selection of music. As content creators it is also great knowing that pretzel artists are getting 70% of royalties.

Epidemic Sound is another subscription based royalty free library for content creators. With unlimited downloads and over 32000 tracks readily available for use. They even offer a 30 day free trial so why not try it out.

Monstercat music player provides a seamless way to stream songs. This app has some mixed reviews. Many claiming that the app is unstable. Also it is worth mentioning that the app is only available through Streamlabs prime and Monstercat Gold.

Amazon music extension is another option for twitch prime streamers. The extension allows you to create playlists for amazon music users to listen along. No need to worry about copyright strikes or takedown’s with this extension. Full guide can be found here.


Although many streamers found this crackdown frustrating it’s good to see Twitch taking a better stance in supporting music content creators.

However these changes don’t eliminate all your options for having music playing on our stream. It takes a bit of research to find out what your best options are as a streamer, but it’s well worth the peace of mind.

It’s much better to play it safe, rather than risking your channel and future in streaming. This is especially true if streaming is your full time position.