Bounty Free overlay package

Top 8 underrated free stream overlays to kick start your twitch.

Looking for some free stream overlays? We have compiled a list of the top 8 free twitch packages to kick start your stream. We have chosen these designs based on a few key factors.

  • To Highlight the best free stream overlays that have not been overused.
  • Overlays that can work with any game or personality type
  • Easy to download and set up

In other words these overlays will give you a fresh looking stream. Whether you are playing competitive games like Valorant or a variety of games. These overlays will still be effective.

1.Bounty Free Stream Overlays – Hexeum

Bounty is our very own free twitch overlay. The goal of this package was to illustrate how our premium packages are set up and work. Additionally it can also be used to get you up and running and start experimenting.

Full Package Details:

  • Static Alert Design(Cheer, Donation, Follower, Host, Raid, Subscriber)
  • Green Screen Bar
  • Social Box
  • 4×3 Webcam
  • 16×9 Webcam
  • Header
  • Square Profile Picture
  • Offline Screen
  • Brb Screen
  • Ending Screen
  • Intermission Screen
  • Starting Screen
  • Twitch Panels

2. Light Shape Free Overlay PackGael Level

Gael level free overlay pack

This free overlay package is super simple and clean. Moreover it makes for a really flexible design. Created by Gael Level this package. This package is one of many free awesome designs they offer.

Gael Level is also a content creator. Therefore they know exactly what it is that makes a great streaming overlay package. Additionally Their YouTube channel is highly focused on helping new/small streamers.

On the whole they are just providing amazing and free content. They know exactly what it takes to make your stream look great.

Full Package Details:

  • Starting soon screen
  • Stream Ending
  • Be Right Back Screen
  • 18 description panels
  • Avatars
  • 4 Labels Bar (low bar)
  • Banner
  • Camera overlay

3. Valorant Inspired Free Overlay – Gael Level

valorant twitch overlay

Specifically targeted towards Valorant players. This overlay package will help those just starting out streaming. If you are looking for some overlays to get you up and running as soon as possible. Look no further.

This package can work with any streaming platform so is suitable for Twitch, Mixer, Facebook and Youtube.

Full Package Details:

  • Starting soon screen
  • Stream ending screen
  • Be right back screen
  • Background image
  • 21 panels
  • 2 Webcam Overlay
  • Stinger transition

4. Pride Twitch Overlay Package – Gael Level

pride twitch overlay

Big fan of this overlay package made by Gael. Like many of the other packages shown here this also has a nice clean simple design.

Full Package Details:

  • Starting soon screen
  • Stream ending screen
  • Be right back screen
  • Intermission screen
  • 21 twitch panels
  • 3 webcam overlays

5. Warrior – Gael Level

Another banger of an overlay from Gael. This has quite a modern design. The minimal design for the webcam overlay works really well.

Full Package Details:

  • Starting soon screen
  • Stream ending soon
  • Be right back screen
  • Intermission screen
  • 21 twitch panels
  • 2 webcam overlays

6. Darkful – Gael Level

The only animated overlay on this list and it’s awesome. Finding some free animated overlay’s was fairly difficult. Thanks to Gael we could include at least one on this list.

The design itself is straight forward and well thought out. However the animations are subtle enough to add a bit of flavor to the overlay without being too overpowering.

Full Package Details:

  • Starting soon screen
  • Be right back screen
  • Stream ending screen
  • Banner
  • Offline image
  • Webcam overlay
  • 18 twitch panels

7. Multi Color – Mattovsky

Multi Color is a free streaming overlay. Designed by YouTuber Mattovsky. This package comes in a variety of colors and can be customized to suit your needs.

Be sure to drop them a sub on YouTube to show your support for these awesome free designs.

Full Package Details:

8. Slay – Gael Level

Finally we have the slay overlay package. This deign is quite subtle and clean, it definitely stands out. Again Gael has is giving this away completely free. So be sure to drop them a sub on YouTube.

Lastly make sure to support them in any way you can. Furthermore without all these free resources available streaming would probably be a lot less accessible.

Full Package Details:

  • Stream starting soon
  • Stream ending
  • Be right back screen
  • Intermission screen
  • 18 Twitch panels
  • Banner
  • Webcam overlay


There are a wide range of free twitch overlays available. Whether you just started streaming or are an existing streamer. These these free designs are perfect for you.

If none of these overlays suit your taste or needs then check out some articles over at Design Hub. They have a wide range of up to date lists of where to find the best free and paid stream designs.

In conclusion be sure to support the resource creators any way you can. The accessibility of these resources has certainly helped out lots of smaller creators just getting started. In fact free overlays really helped us learn about stream designs in the first place.

If you know of any other free resources available then be sure to let us know.