Instantly Download Stream Overlay PNG’s for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook

If you want to start streaming then you’re going to want a stream overlay, either animated or as a static PNG. To help you in your search for a suitable overlay we have compiled this straightforward guide to help both find an overlay and set it up.

Why Use PNG for Stream Overlays ?

Unless you come from some form of design background then you probably have no idea why overlays need to be in the PNG format. Exactly as the name indicates, the overlays are graphics or animations that sit on top of other streaming elements. 

The best example of this is the webcam overlay. Most streamers will use a graphic on top of their webcam video feed for two reason. One, to make the stream look better. And two, to contrast the streamers webcam feed with  the background.

Now, a PNG is an important file type because it allows your stream overlay to contain transparency values, making it see through. This is exactly how you can overlay a border without occluding the underlying webcam video.

Where To Download Stream Overlay PNG ?

If you want high quality overlays available to download instantly you can check out our store. We support platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming. We are certain we have something in store that you will love !

Behance is home to a bunch of awesome overlay designers from all over the world. While the platform is not specifically just for overlays, it certainly has no shortage of designs to choose from.

Youtube is another great source of designs. One of the best ways to find the overlays is by adding “download” to your search query. This makes sure that you are shown videos with overlays that are available to download.

Image Search

The fastest way to scroll through overlays and find one that you like is by image search. If you have any specific colours or style that you want to find you can add that to your search to fine tune search results.

If you find one that you like, make sure that you get permission to use it on your stream first before downloading it.

What Are The Different Types of Stream Overlays ?

Usually, fully branded streams have lots of different graphics that work together. With that being said every streamer is unique and so the graphics that they use will also vary.

However, there are some pretty universal elements that can be seen across the majority of streamers.

Facecam Border

facecam border png

The image above is a free facecam border png available to download instantly.

You will notice that the majority of streamers utilise webcam overlays. It is probably one of the most commonly used types of stream overlays.

Stream Screens

The above image is part of a free overlay template package.

This specific example is of a BRB screen. However there are many different kinds of screens used by streamers such as, Starting Soon, Ending Soon and Intermission.

Stream screens are best used to relay information to streamers who have just joined a stream, or to create hype at the beginning of a stream. 

Twitch Panels

The example above is from our free twitch panels package.

These panels are used specifically for Twitch channel pages. They’re used as headers to segment information. However they are also clickable, allowing you to link to social media etc.

Can PNG Overlays Be Animated ?

Since PNG files are just images they can only serve as static overlays. These days as the streaming software and industry has advanced, animated overlays are seen as standard.

If you happen to have the source files such as a PSD (Photoshops file format) then you have a much better chance of getting it animated. A key part of creating great stream animations is that all of the layers are well organised and segmented.

Without the source files you can still create some basic animations, or maybe add certain particle effects or overlays, which can certainly help bring the image to life.

For advanced animation techniques however you will certainly need these source files. 

How To Make A Stream Overlay

Creating a stream overlay from scratch is certainly no easy task. If you have no experience creating graphics or using software such as photoshop then there will be a steep learning curve. That being said if you are absolutely determined to make your overlays then we can hopefully guide you to some amazing learning resources. 

The first thing you will need is some editing software. Hands down the best option out there is photoshop. Unfortunately this option isn’t free so if paid software isn’t an option we highly suggest using Gimp.

Once you have your software set up check out the learning resources below.

Creating a Stream Overlay : Learning Resources

Adding Stream Overlay PNG's To Your Stream

Assuming you now have a streaming overlay you can begin adding them to your streaming software so that they show up on stream. If you haven’t chosen a software yet then check out the different options below.

Streamer Software

If you want to take a much deeper dive into streamer software and analyze the pros and cons of each one then check out this article on broadcasting software.

Once you have this software set up you need to take a look at the specific tutorials related to your software for more details on adding the overlays to your stream.

How To Customize PNG Overlays

When you find either a free or premium stream overlay PNG for Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming, customizing is a great way to make it more unique.

Unless you’re using an overlay made via custom commissions then chances are multiple people are using the same overlay as you. If you’re only experimenting with streaming then this may be acceptable for you.

However, for most streamers it’s beneficial to add either your logo or streaming name to the overlay PNG. You can even add your social media handles, a great way to remind viewers to engage with you on other platforms.

To do this you need some sort of graphic design software. This doesn’t need to be an advanced tool as adding your text or logo to an existing image is a very straight forward process.

Make sure you find a font that you really like and fits with your overall aesthetic.

Making Your Stream Overlay Transparent

As we mentioned before the key feature of some overlay elements facecam borders is the ability to store transparency values.

Typical image file types such as JPEG cannot store transparency values. This means that a webcam overlay in this file type would have a solid background making it useless for streaming.

The best way to ensure transparency in your overlays is by exporting your overlays as PNG files.

Before exporting make sure no layers are visible in the background. The easiest way to test this in photoshop is by confirming that the checkerboard texture (like below) is visible in the background, behind your overlay.

photoshop transparent background checkerboard texture