Rage Twitch Emote : For Those Keyboard Smashing Moments

The rage Twitch emote is one of the most common expressions used for emotes. We can all get a little bit worked up sometimes when gaming, and we have our ways of showing it. And that’s exactly when chat spams the rage emote. If you’re looking for a rage emote that fits with your personality, check out the variety of different rage emotes out there.

Fox Rage Twitch Emote

fox rage twitch emote

They might look cute, but you don’t want to get on the wrong side of an angry fox ! This emote is part of a full package, with 12 different expressions included. This emote pack is optimised and ready to be used with Twitch. Including 3 different sizes (28×28, 56×56, 112×112).

If you like this style of emote but want something a bit more personalised you could consider getting some emotes commissioned.

Cookie Rage Twitch Emote

cookie rage twitch emote

This angry cookie has a “chip” on his shoulder for sure. 

If you’ve always wanted cookie themed emotes, then you’ll be happy to know this emote is part of a cookie themed emote pack. This package includes 12 emotes each in three different sizes.

Car Rage Twitch Emote

civic rage twitch emote

If you love JDM cars then you probably recognise this civic themed rage Twitch emote. 

However, if civics aren’t your style then don’t worry. This emote is part of a JDM emote pack, featuring the classic red Mazda Miata and the infamous Nissan 350z.

Chibi Girl Rage Twitch Emote

chibi rage twitch emote

Definitely to be messed with, this chibi girl has a menacing look. If you want this emote style, but personalised to you, consider getting some emotes commissioned.

Sheep Rage Twitch Emote

sheep rage twitch emote

Sheep themed emote. Part of full emote pack. Includes 12 unique emotes, with popular expressions.

Robot Rage Twitch Emote

robot rage twitch emote

Futuristic robot themed emote. Part of a full emote pack. Includes 12 unique emotes, with popular expressions.

Dinosaur Rage Twitch Emote

dinosaur rage twitch emote

T-Rex themed emote. Part of a full emote pack. Includes 12 unique emotes, with popular expressions.

Halloween Rage Twitch Emote

halloween rage twitch emote

This angry little guy is part of a Halloween themed emotes pack. Perfect for spooking up your stream.

Viking Rage Twitch Emote

viking rage twitch emote

This little viking is tougher than he looks. Part of full emote pack. Includes 12 unique emotes, with popular expressions. 

What Platforms Are Supported ?

All of the rage Twitch emotes shown here are compatible and optimized for use on Twitch. They come in the standard three sizes that are used for uploading to Twitch. These sizes are as follows (28×28, 56×56, 112×112).

In addition to this, some packs also include a 128×128 version to be used as Discord emotes.

Where To Get Custom Made Rage Emotes For Twitch ?

If you’ve looked through our rage Twitch emote list but need something more tailor made then we can help you out. There are two options available to you.

The first, you really like our premade designs but want to incorporate your personality & quirks. To do this, simply reach out to us via our contact page. Let us know which emote bundle you want to tweak and we will get back to you shortly.

The second option, you want emotes made from scratch personality and style. We recommend checking out our custom design page for getting a quote. We do everything from mascot logos, overlays, emotes and even widgets.

Where To Get Free Rage Twitch Emotes ?

Unfortunately, right now we don’t any rage Twitch emotes available for free. However we do have a bunch of free overlays available in our free animated twitch overlays section.

Not only do we have full featured packages for free, we also have individual elements available to download instantly. Whether it’s alerts, stinger transitions or even twitch panels, we have something in store for you.

The best part, we provide source files in some of our free packages. Source files allow you to edit packages with software such as photoshop. Meaning, if you’ve got access to editing software you can add your logo, change colours and personalise the overlays.

Popular Rage Twitch Emotes





Here are some of the most commonly use rage emotes on Twitch. Keep in mind these emotes are part of the BTTV (Better Twitch TV) platform. In order for these kinds of emotes to show up in chat you would need to install the BTTV chrome extension.