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Hyper Scape For Streamers – Everything You Need To Know

If you are a streamer looking into playing Hyper Scape this post will cover everything you need to know in order to get started. We will discuss some of the unique streaming features that come with this game, overlay setup, and how to enable twitch drops as a streamer.

Crowncast – Twitch Extension

This is a really awesome and innovative feature that comes with the Hyper Scape experience. Essentially this is a custom made twitch extension from Ubisoft that enhances the way that viewers and streamers can interact with each other.

The twitch extension can be found here. One of the key features of this extension is a voting system. Viewers can vote on events to occur during the game. Darwin Project was one of the first battle royale games that used such a voting system.

The other feature of the extension is for displaying your match stats and loadout to viewers. This feature will be immensely useful for players to gain an insight of competitive streamers stats and setup.

If you would like to read an in depth guide of features related to this extension that can be found here. In addition to this a detailed tutorial on setting up this extension can is discussed here.

While voting on events is an interesting and innovative way to allow viewers to interact with their favorite streamer. Time will tell if this feature becomes repetitive and annoying for streamers to deal with. Particularly competitive streamers this could become intrusive and frustrating.

Overlay Setup

Overlay setup is a mandatory consideration when starting a new game. Misplaced overlays or alerts can really affect your viewers experience. Two of the most important visual elements that viewers will want to see clearly is the health bar and your match stats. This includes your kill counter and remaining players.

Below we have put together some areas that are good for overlays, and areas that are not so good.

Red shows the areas that should be avoided whereas green shows safe usage areas.

As you can see there is a lot of room on the left side to combine a few different elements. The red areas include, kill feed, compass bar, match stats bar, player and squad health bars, loadout and ability elements and finally in game notifications area.

If you needed some more room for stream overlays our suggestion would be to use the kill feed area. This is completely down to your own discretion.


When making a decision on color choices for your brand or style the color palette is a crucial element to consider. We have sampled the colors used in Hyper Scape and labelled them accordingly with their hex codes.

Some suggestions would be to use the darker color for backgrounds such as in intermission or BRB screens. Then using the more exciting colors such as blaze orange to outline elements and make them pop.

Utilizing paradiso color with a light glow would really work well. In addition, it fits really well with the futuristic environment and technology of the Hyper Scape game world.

Hyper Scape Themed Overlay

If you have decided that you would like to jump into streaming Hyper Scape then we have the perfect overlay option for you.

See below some links to overlays, and streaming elements that will fit perfectly with the style of this fast paced battle royale.

Full streaming overlay package

Stinger Transition

Streamlabs Alerts


Twitch Panels

How To Enable Twitch Drops As A Streamer

Twitch drops are becoming an increasingly popular way to build hype for an upcoming title release.

So you are probably wondering how to enable twitch drops for Hyper Scape. According to this post here. Ubisoft will allow streamers to deliver drops to their viewers, so long as they have linked their Ubisoft account to their twitch account.

Upon initial deployment of the technical test on July 2nd. The first 24 hours only allowed streamers who were on the drop program to be eligible.

If your channel is enabled correctly to dispense drops you should see “Drops Enabled” in your stream description.


Hyper Scape is the latest battle royale making it’s way onto an already crowded scene. It is attempting to distinguish itself from competitors by focusing heavily on an interactive streaming experience.

If you are planning to stream this game, this guide should help you in utilizing all of the available interactive features for you and your viewers.

You will also now have useful guide of where your overlays can be placed in a way that does not impact your viewers experience.

In addition if you are looking to get some new branding or adjusting your current overlays to suite Hyper Scape’s urban futuristic theme, our color palette will serve you well.

Finally, get your viewers excited to tune into your stream by enabling Twitch drops. This gives them a chance of gaining access to the technical test.

Let us know if you are planning on streaming Hyper Scape. If you have a friend who could use these tips, be sure to share the post.