how to correctly use twitch panels

How To Correctly Use Twitch Panels

If you have recently started streaming, you will have probably noticed that nearly every streamer utilizes Twitch panels.

If you are looking for a guide on how to use these panels on Twitch then look no further.

We will discuss the benefits of using these panels. In addition to that we will provide a detailed tutorial on setting up your panels.

What Are Channel Panels ?

Channel panels are graphical headers used on your channel page to help structure and convey information regarding your channel.

Some very common uses for these panels are as follows. Displaying schedule information, a short bio, sponsor details and social media.

Additionally these panels can be assigned a URL link. Once clicked the viewer will be directed to the link assigned.

Some obvious benefits of this are with social media. Rather than having to manually search for usernames, viewers are taken straight to your page.

How To Get Twitch Panels ?

Acquiring some panels will depend on whether you want custom made designs or premade. A lot of the time panels will come as part of a full streaming package like these twitch overlays .

Custom Designs

If you are looking for custom made designs to fit your branding there are a couple places you can find designers.

Twitter has a huge community of designers. Put out a tweet asking for designers. In addition to this you can search through different hashtags to try find a designer. @FindGFX on twitter is a page dedicated to helping you find designers.

Fiverr is another very popular place for custom designs. Simply sign up and search for Twitch panels and you will certainly find a suitable designer. Our recommended designer would be H0bbitguy.

If you have never worked with a designer before we suggest reading through our helpful guide.

Premade Designs

Premade designs are often much cheaper and take out a lot of the logistics of working with a designer.

There are a tonne of places to buy premade panels including our very own store. All of our panels can be found here.

We even offer some free panels to help get you up and running.

Setting Up The Panels

Now that you have some panels. Lets walk through setting them up on your channel.

First thing you will need to do is go Twitch. If you are signed in then click your avatar in the top right corner. Now from the dropdown click into “Channel”.

Now click on the tab titled “About”. Look for a toggle button “Edit Panels” and enable it.

You can now add and edit existing panels.

To add a new panel select the big button with a “+” sign. Then select “Add Text or Image Panel”.

You should now see this setup.

twitch panels setup

The setup from here is pretty self explanatory. Upload your panel image, provide a link if necessary and fill in the description.

When you have finished, click submit to save your changes.

Repeat this same process for all your panels.


Getting Twitch panels setup is one if the first things that most streamers will want to get sorted.

You should now know exactly how to edit twitch panels and even source a panel designer.

When you get those designs ready for use, you can set them up as described in our guide.

Congrats you now have a much more professional looking stream. Your viewers can also easily connect with you now and find our more