how much does it cost to stream on twitch

How Much Does It Cost To Stream On Twitch ?

If you have previously searched for information regarding live streaming costs. You may shocked at how much some individuals in the community are spending on live streaming.

If you are just starting out on your Twitch streaming journey. You may be a little discouraged by what people are seemingly spending on their hobby.

Some streamers reported having a setup costing upwards of $10,000.

This post is here to reassure you that the majority of these costs are not required to start streaming. In fact you would be surprised how small the costs are to start your first ever live stream.

You may already have everything that you need.

What Do You Want To Achieve ?

For whatever reason you started streaming, your core goal should be in providing entertainment. And guess what ? Entertaining people is achieved with creativity and making the best of what you have.

There is a very damaging misconception by some of the community that, money spent on streaming gear will help you in becoming a more successful streamer.

This stems from the belief that content is of higher grade, based on your investments in expensive streaming equipment.

A great example against this belief is a comedian. A good comedian will always have the ability to make you laugh.

Whether they are broadcast from their mobile phone, television or radio, it does not matter. At their core they have the ability to entertain.

If your only reason for streaming is an interest in playing video games. And if you associate Twitch with making money from playing games. You will most likely run out of motivation pretty quickly.

We wrote in depth here about what it takes to start making money on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.

The aim is not to discourage you. Rather help you focus in on what you really want to get out of streaming.

At the centre of every successful streamer is an ability to provide entertainment.

When To Invest In Stream Equipment ?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to invest in streaming equipment if circumstances allow for it. Some people are passionate about streaming and the technology used.

As long as you do not invest in equipment under the falsehood that it is required to reach success then go for it. At the end of the day investing in your stream is an investment in yourself.

If you look at some of the top streamers today, when they started out they didn’t have top of the range equipment, branding etc. These are things that over time they have slowly invested in. Be it a new microphone here or a better webcam there.

It was a gradual process and they did it for themselves. Therefore it’s clear that they approached streaming as a passion or hobby, rather than the money machine many individuals see it as.

What Is Absolutely Required ?

When it comes to streaming there isn’t much that is an absolute must have. All you truly need is a device that can broadcast and a stable internet connection.

With the presence of Streamlabs being available on both Google Play and App Store all that’s required to start broadcasting is a decent smartphone.

You can pick up smartphones now for less than $100 bucks. Given their popularity you most likely have the ability to broadcast in your pocket already.

If you need to elevate your camera up on some books, create some crazy contraption to hang your phone from, then do it !

In fact if you find you have quite the talent for creating helpful stream hacks then get on social media and share them. It is always awesome to see content creators sharing their creativity with others.

If you play FPS games and believe that success comes from having a rig that supports the highest stream quality settings.

It is worth mentioning that unless you are the top 1% of skilled players in any given game, gameplay alone is not enough to entertain an audience.

If you do not have the ability to entertain an audience at 720p then throwing money at a new rig to handle 1080p 60fps streaming quality is not going to fix anything.

As with many things in life many people can fall into the trap of thinking that who they are is not “good enough”. Therefore leading to the belief that throwing money at something will qualify them.

Get creative and be yourself.

One final thing that is absolutely required is a real passion for entertaining. This is already mentioned a few times in this post but it’s worth saying again.

Passion alone is enough to get you where you want to be.

Overlays Are Not Essential

Often times you will hear that overlays are an essential part of streaming. This is not true as with most things it should be classed as something to invest in when the time is right.

Overlays definitely increase the production quality of your stream. This is evident in how many streamers tend to use them.

However in believing that they are required to have an engaging stream a certain idiom comes to mind.

“You can’t polish a turd”.

Having said this if you still want some overlays before you start streaming, there are a whole variety of free packages available.

Do a quick google search and you will find plenty on offer. We even have a few of free overlays available here.

If you would prefer to get some paid overlays we also offer paid packages which are very affordable here.


You should now have it cemented into your mind that there really isn’t that much of a barrier between you and becoming Twitch’s finest entertainer.

Unfortunately a large portion of the community are buying into the idea that expensive streaming equipment is the recipe for success.

This post hopefully will have helped you focus in on why you are streaming on Twitch.

You should also be able to break down the costs and separate them into absolutely required and nice to have.

Once you have determined the things that are absolutely necessary, you can focus back to what is truly important.

And that is the entertainment quality of your content.